The Color of May 1968. Paris Match and the Events of May and June 1968

Les articles en anglais de la revue Études photographiques sont désormais accessibles en ligne ; parmi lesquels mon article “The Color of May 1968. Paris Match and the Events of May and June 1968” paru dans le n°26 de novembre 2010 (in spanish, en espagnol aqui):

“In mid-May 1968, the Syndicat du Livre (Printers Union), to which the majority of the workers in the printing plants and paper industries belonged, joined the general movement. This meant the strikes now directly affected the news magazines of the time, in particular Paris Match, which ceased publication for four consecutive weeks. When the leading weekly news magazine of the day returned to the newsstands, it went back over events that dated in part from one month earlier. On June 15, the editors constructed a retrospective narrative of ‘May ’68’ in an issue that presented a historicizing reading of the spring’s events, despite the fact that some of the movements in question were still underway. Reinforced by a formal presentation that was highly unusual for the magazine – a departure partially necessitated by disruptions connected with the strikes taking place at the printing plants – this media construction reveals the effort that went into designing the issue as a whole. It thus helps to show how the magazine’s editorial and ideological aims were expressed in the narrative presented as well as in the formal decisions supporting it, the two aspects working together to produce an overarching media system: the forme magazine.

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